Private Lessons – Program

Happy Kids Sports Private Lessons program aims to promote and encourage children’s physical activity. Therefore it includes a range of group and individual movement games that expose children to new learning experiences. Involvement in these positive experiences helps children to develop an understanding of themselves as significant and respected. In addition, it helps them to create a sense of belonging as a member of the group.

By participating in our program, children will not only develop their gross and fine motor skills, they also improve their skills in turn taking, cooperation and self-regulation. Moreover, children gain an increasing awareness of the rights and achievement of others.

By participating in physically active play, children will experience an increased feeling of well-being which lead to good mental health outcomes. As a result, children learn how to take responsibility for their own health and physical well-being.

Why Private Lessons?

If you are busy working parents/carers or just want an added attention for your child, Happy Kids Sports Private Lessons are for you.

We do understand that working parents/carers may not be able to attend our regular Happy Kids Sports program in the morning. Therefore we are offering Private lessons for individuals or a group of parents with small children. You choose the location and time.

Private lessons are a great way to support children while developing sport skills with added attention. Happy Kids Sports run Private Lessons by the term to achieve the required results.

What do we offer?

With Private Lessons you are in charge. You choose the location and time to suit you and your child. We come to you with all the equipment provided. Private lessons can be held in your back yard or local park.

In addition, Happy Kids Sports can modified the program/frequency of the lessons to suit your needs and expectations. You can choose one or more sports. Moreover, you can ask only for specific skills to be practised.

We are also offering fitness classes for children and their parents.

In summary

  • Happy Kids Sports come to you (to your home or a local park)
  • There are currently six sports on offer (AFL, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Athletics and Rugby)
  • We can customise the skills learning activities to suit your child/children’s needs

What to expect in the lesson

Each lesson includes:

  • Warm up and stretching exercises
  • Refresher on previous skills from the last lesson
  • Instruction on the skill of the week
  • Games and/or obstacle course

Furthermore, children will receive reward stamps and stickers at the end of the lesson.


The fee is $50 per 30 minutes lesson (for the group of 2 – 4 kids) or $65 per 45 minutes lesson for the group up to four children.

Please contact us for pricing information if you have a larger group of children.

The location fee is only $10 (flat fee up to 20 km from Frankston South).

How to book Private Lesson?

Visit our website and fill in the enrolment form. Please write a private lesson and location in the message window. Otherwise, send us an email to or give us a call on 0408 337 399.